A Street Dog Named Balu

The prognosis of a home for me is not very good
Just one of many abandoned in my neighbourhood
I’m not the prettiest and my coat don’t shine
But I long for somebody just to be mine.
Out in the rain, the cold and the frost
I’m all but given up, my cause is lost
I see no future, and my past was bad
But living with a hunter was all that I had
All he fed me was mouldy old bread
And that was on a good day, well, enough said
You see there’s too many like me, abandoned to our fate
Disgarded like rubbish at such an alarming rate
I’m luckier than most, I’m alive and I’m free,
Because most of my friends are beaten, then hung from a tree
There seems to be no end to this, it happens every year
We’re the unseen dogs of Spain, the forgotten who live in fear
So if you see my photo, I’m a podenco named Balu
I don’t want to be a hunting dog, I’d rather be with you.
I dream of the day when I can say I no longer have to roam
When life could be good, and I’d be happy living in a home
But for now I’m in a kennel, and I’m taking up a space
But I dream of all my tomorrows, and living at your place.
Please don’t forsake me, I’m a podenco called Balu
Show a little kindness, and let me come to you.

By Ann Payne

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