To the Owners of New Rescue Dogs

The escape artist, climber, digger, Houdini
I’m an opportunist, an escapee in the making
I want to run away from you, your love I am forsaking.
Because I am scared of everything, and you don’t understand
I’d sooner run away from you and live out on the land.
Don’t leave that door open, not even just ajar
Because if you do I’ll be gone, and run and run so far.
A window left open, to catch the gentle breeze
For me that’s a piece of cake. I can get through that with ease.
I can wriggle out of a harness if that is not secure.
I’ll find a way I know I can, and of that you can be sure.
I watch for things that you seemingly, and carelessly forget
Like leaving me in the garden. All you’ll have now is regret
Escape from the car is easy, you have so much on your mind
As you fiddle with this, and fumble with that, I’ve left you far behind.
I really don’t want to be on my own, but I feel it’s what I should do
Because I’m very frightened of everything, and that also includes you.
So to all you people out there, who have a rescue dog like me
Put yourself in my place and see how you would be
Take great care of your new adoptee struggling to find his way
He’s worried, confused and frightened. Don’t let him end up another stray
Keep your wits about you, and always be on your guard
That way you’ll keep your doggy safe. It really isn’t that hard

By Ann Payne

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4 Responses to To the Owners of New Rescue Dogs

  1. Very well said, especially in verse. Clever lady.

  2. Gina Cross says:

    Mvery ttue wonderful words

  3. Annie Starkey says:

    Love it and so very true and the best advice x

  4. you are so gifted, Ann, to express so clearly the thoughts of the hounds. xx

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