My Frightened Galgo

Now that you have someone to care
There’s something I want you to know
I’ve lots of love and time to share
And we’ll watch your fears just go
They’ll peel away, flutter and fly
As you watch them go one by one
Up they’ll go to the big blue sky
They’re smaller and smaller, they’ve gone
Although there are some that still remain
Time is on our side
We’ll work together till you can regain
Your elegance, style and pride.
You will walk tall, walk along with me
And raise your head from the ground
You’re stunning you’re a galgo and in all sincerity
Love will turn you around
You will never be hurt like you were before
You will never know any more fear
And one thing more, you can rest assure
My beautiful Galgo, I’m here
Because I love you.

By Ann Payne – For my beautiful Libby

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