I am just a black Galgo

I am just a black Galgo, nothing much to see
But really there is so much more, for you to see in me
I cannot help my colour, nor can I help my breed
But I am a black Galgo, and desperately in need
People like the brindle, or the plain or the tan
But I am black, I can’t change that, if only someone can
Why can’t you see through the black and see my aching heart
Why can’t you see the the love in me, it goes right off the chart
But black is black and we are shunned, our fate is to wait to die
We’re forgotten, we’re scared and invisible, please give us a try
Black is beautiful so they say, so why are we still here
We are beautiful dogs with beautiful hearts, so let us melt your fear
Open up your own hearts, please open up your mind and see
That black is really so beautiful, and beautiful and black is me.

Ann Payne

It’s a well documented fact that black dogs are less likely to be adopted and are put to sleep more than any other.
Please give a black dog a chance to live!

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