Cries in the Night

The shadows fall as night comes around,
But I shall not sleep, I’m scared in this pound.
I was also very scared before, and if I sleep I’ll recall
The memories of my past dancing on the wall.
The loneliness, the fear, the hunger every day
Praying for the moment it will all just go away.
I hope you can see just how I feel
The anxiety and depression are very very real.
You might see me bark, or cower to the floor
I shake and I tremble, can’t take any more.
The cries in the night from others just like me
They’re begging for release, begging to be free.
We need a guardian angel, someone just like you
Who will press that magic share button
To make our wishes come true.
Because somewhere out there surly there simply has to be
A beautiful home to live in for someone just like me
You are my hope, my lifeline to release me from this pound
To a home where I can be happy, home safe and sound.

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